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Soon to be customer excited!
Firstly, I am amazed at the dedication Skinbox staff has put into redeveloping skinbox, they have done a fantastic job!

Secondly, even though I have not purchased any skins from SkinBox at the present time, I am extremely excited about purchasing the 'Brave' skin. The skin looks amazing and is just what I need for my board.

I have read many great testimonials and I can tell straight away that I will not be disappointed.

You will be hearing another testimonial shortly after I purchase a skin,


FL4TGROUND ('Soon to be active customer')
A Very Happy Client
I own one of the largest gfx sites around and am well established in the artist community. GFXResource.com has 7,000 members who had only one skin for nearly three years. People loved it and were very attached to our navy background and everyone identified us by that skin and color.

The staff and I expected a huge fallout when we made the change the skin and we were both pleased and shocked when members began chiming in telling us their view of our new look. 99% of all our feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

A week later when a staffer made a mistake and messed up the coding, Olivier stopped in to solve the situation for free (I did have him do the install originally).

Members love the skin. I have only positive things to say about Olivier, his craftsmanship, his site and service. It's sad to see all the haters unload on the support threads because of the changes IPB 3.2 has created. I admire the fact that Olivier has kept the thread open and let those who don't really know what their talking about, have their say.

A big thanks to skinbox.net team
Your themes are great, but the best thing is your support (you help with all my questions). I am very happy that i bought skin from your website.

Remember that a good skin is not enough, good support is everything.
Spectacular And Excellent Service
I've had compliments on your skin blue velvet

Congratulations for your work

Always and only skinbox.net
Authentically Brilliant Innovation + Genuinely Creative Design + Superior Powerful Support = SKINBOX
So I was searching for skins couple of months back. I was deeply disappointed on the common skin designs offered by other designers. The moment I looked at Skinbox, I was shocked at the designs. I almost can't believe its Invision Power Board when I first looked at Magnetic.

I been buying skins ever since. I'm always thrilled to patiently wait for new skin designs as its all worth it. Oliver is always helpful, he works very hard to run this rapidly growing company. He is very patient, thoughtful and very understanding. How do I know? Well try giving support to people who don't know anything about coding everyday for few years and you'll get what I mean. I'm so thankful that he is willing to help us out. You can just have a look at the support forum, he never fails to help users. He and Sebastien provides world class support to all skinbox users. Sometimes they can't get to you immediately because they are busy with other admin work, but rest assured they will help you to solve your problem. I wish them best of luck and I will certainly be buying more and more skins in the future.

I'm very happy customer :) Thank you Skinbox Team.
1550 thumbs up
I have not had one complaint about the functionality or look of the the skins i use from my community. The support is great, changing the skin is easy and the included PSD's give you everything you need. That's two thumbs up from 750+ community. And with the quick (Less then 5 minutes) support from the community and Olivier, It really is a no brainier to go with SkinBox.
Skinbox - 2 thumbs up
We are very happy with the Elegant Skin on IPB. After looking at so many skins over the years, for us Elegant Blue just blows away any other skin. The colors relax my eyes, layout and design are sweet.

Thank you Skinbox !!