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File-sharing and distributing
When purchasing and downloading any products from this site, you agree that you will not redistribute or resell your purchased item, or any part of the design (including but not limited to images, xml files or psd files) under any circumstance. Distributing these files (eg. on file-sharing sites or warez sites) is highly prohibited. If you are caught distributing any files from Skinbox or if you buy an item on behalf of a warez site, your account will be banned without warning or refund (from both Skinbox and IPBForumSkins) and your personal details may be sent to Invision Power Services for review.

You do not have permission to partake in any activities or purchase any items from this website if you are actively involved in administrating or contributing to warez sites (including but not limited to posting, requesting or downloading items - or posting links to items - originating from this site). If you purchase a skin from Skinbox and are the owner (or admin) of a warez/nulling site, you will be asked to remove any content that has been submitted to your website that originated from this site (premade skins, etc). This includes hosted content and links to downloads on file-sharing sites, regardless who posted them (members or administrators). Failure to remove links upon request will result in the immediate suspension/removal of your account and cancellation of your order without refund. Additionally, if you have distributed files in the past, you agree that we have permission to restrict access to your account to prevent the same from happening to our products.
Modifications & Copyright removal
You may modify the product you have purchased as much as you like to fit your own requirements, however you may only remove the "IPB Skin by Skinbox" link if Copyright removal is purchased. Purchasing copyright removal only entitles you to remove the copyright. It does not give you permission to change the copyright and claim it as your own design. Changing or removing the copyright without purchasing copyright removal may result in the suspension of your account, without refund.

There is no guarantee these skins will work 100% with all 3rd party modifications by default, however the skin can be updated to ensure the addons function correctly if required. Fees may apply. The products on this website are compatible with the official addons offered by IPS.
Fees, refunds & exchanges
When large scale upgrades are required on our products (when skins need to be recoded from scratch to keep up with new Invision products), fees may apply to existing customers. This only applies to large software updates. Fees not apply to small, incremental upgrades.

Since the products on this website are digital items, refunds or exchanges are not offered. Please make sure that the skin you are purchasing is compatible with your forum software version.
Modifications to Terms & Conditions
These Terms & Conditions may be modified at any time without notice. When purchasing a product and using this website, you are bound to the latest version of these Terms & Conditions.