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Skin updates

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Although my skin (Blood) has been out for a while now, I can't believe there are still people waiting for you to update a skin. It's been more than a month, and Invision is already posting things about IPB 3.3.

This is unacceptable. Also, I don't understand that you update your website, wipe the skin updates aside, and continue when it's done days after. Look at ipbforumskins.com, their skins are done for so long already.

Come on guys, get these skins out. It's not my issue, but you are losing customers that are waiting ages for updates for something that's originally out for over 2 months.



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Thank you for your feedback. I'm also the owner of ipbforumskins.com, which may seem odd since those skins were upgraded so quickly, but the skin upgrades here require the work of two people (one for the design part, and one for the php/js/config part).

I took over Skinbox back in September, a few months after 3.2.x was released. Apart from working on the skin upgrades, I'm also required to answer support questions on both skinbox and ipbforumskins while also creating custom skins for clients who need unique designs for their sites. To help with the work load, I've recently decided to outsource work to another designer which has helped immensely.

The skin upgrades are taking a little longer than I had originally anticipated, however since I was not the original designer/coder for the 3.1.x skins, I'm not 100% familiar with Oliviers coding style, so some skins require more attention than others.
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Jesse, I do believe they have been doing the skins in order of most popular. And as Ehren said he took over the job of someone else, and the skins here aren't like the skins he creates at his other website. I personally think he's done a great job since he's taken over and while there are still other skins that have yet to be released we need to applaud him with the work he's done. I believe he responds to every topic on here ASAP where as previously sometimes you'd be waiting for days for a response.

So why not support him for the good things he's been doing and stand behind him, because honestly if it wasn't for him I don't think Skinbox would be here at this moment in time.

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