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IPB Hosting

Tyler's Photo Tyler 25 Feb 2011

Back when I was just using Wordpress, Bluehost met my needs pretty well. I now have a client that I am implementing IPB for, and have been using the IPB host for development (worked well, but quite expensive for what you get)

Who do you host your iPB community with?

I've been looking at Dreamhost (never used them, have heard good things) because of their VPS availability, and it's pretty cheap.

Shay's Photo Shay 25 Feb 2011

I would like to recommend http://www.finalpres.../index.php?p=16 :)
(if you chose Finalprestige Hosting, in the comment box please type that i refered you :))

AlexJ's Photo AlexJ 25 Feb 2011

I host my own forums. Shared hosting people kicked me as soon as I converted my phpBB to IPB. But at the same time forums was picking up so I moved forums to my dedicated gaming servers.

VPS at dream host is still pretty expensive imo. I learned lesson during shared hosting. Where is says 'unlimited' never use them.

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Sebastien Penet's Photo Sebastien Penet 26 Feb 2011

We used to rely upon a Gigenet dedicated server; support was awesome but dedicated are not really flexible so we switched to 3 VPS (+ 1 VPS for development) at VPS.net. It's very flexible but definitely not meant for newbies, their support is quite bad actually. So I would not recommend them unless you don't mind to be alone when you encounter an issue. I also used OVH.com and Celeonet but this one is quite expensive for what you get.

Mushxx's Photo Mushxx 26 Feb 2011

Vidahost are excellent and the support is awesome.

agent462's Photo agent462 26 Feb 2011

I'm using VPS at dreamhost right now because I signed up with some deal they had two years ago that was $20 for two years. Then I updated it to VPS. I'm going to leave when I get a chance. They have so much unplanned downtime and they are terrible about notifying of planned downtime.

I'm going to move to Amazon aws as I don't need anyone to manage anything but the hardware.

williwilliams's Photo williwilliams 24 Mar 2011

Look no further than MediaTemple! (mt)

Munra's Photo Munra 24 Mar 2011

I also use a dedicated server but for my VPS hosting I use packhead hosting. Its a small company but its been around a while and their services are not over sold. Packhead I also use them because the owner is involved in some open source projects for gaming. Also they have a Promo Code "HLXCE" for 20% off

Raven Edge's Photo Raven Edge 24 Mar 2011

I use 1plus1hosting. It's an off-shore host and the price is dirt cheap. Off course, you get what you pay for. I've had to deal with a lot of unexpected downtime. They don't notify you when they have planned downtime either. I'm on a very strict budget and I need adult hosting as well so I didn't have much of a choice. I'm saving up for moving on to an adult dedicated server though. Any recommendations for that are welcome. =)

Shay's Photo Shay 25 Mar 2011

I would like to recommend: Site5 -OR- Hosting24

Chromatic's Photo Chromatic 11 Jul 2011

I use Eleven2.com.

Mr.NiGhT's Photo Mr.NiGhT 16 Jul 2011

I use OVH.com :)