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Skinbox Testimonial

we_are_borg's Photo we_are_borg 02 Oct 2010

Here is my Testimonial for Skinbox:

Skinbox has some nice Styles for vBulletin they look good and they have a few to choose from. Also the cost for the Styles are low thats a plus to. The Styles are good have only got minor glitches in it and load fast.

Now the bad Skinbox do not support the Styles of vBulletin 100% now on 2 occasions they waited to give support to vBulletin skins. The first time was when they wanted to only fix the IPB templates and said clearly we don't have the time to fix the Styles of vBulletin until we are done with IPB. The Second time is right now they will not update the Styles for vBulletin 4.0.7 and 4.0.8 when 4.1 hits there going to update it.

Olivier Turbis's Photo Olivier Turbis 02 Oct 2010

We do support the skins, we do not, however, make new versions of them because we are waiting for 4.1. There is a difference.

Thanks for your feedback.